Conferences, events and public presence of Planet Youth

Upcoming Events

Planet Youth Annual Conference

Will be held in Iceland, at the Grand Hotel Reykjavik in March 2024. An optional field trip will be organized on the 13th of March.

: March 11 – 13 | 2024

Location: Grand Hotel, Reykjavík, Iceland

Cannabis Conference

Patricia Ros Garcia will be presenting the Planet Youth model at the Congress organized by Socidrogalcohol in Catoira, Spain. Friday, November 24th.

Date:November 23-25 | 2023

Location: Catoira, Spain

3rd International Congress on Mental Health and Addiction Prevention Planet Youth – Guanajuato Mexico

Organized by Guanajuato muncipality and Planet Youth.

Date29 November – 1 December | 2023

Location: Guanajuato city

Past Events

Online Addiction Conference

Patricia Ros Garcia, will talk about Planet Youth, on Wednesday, June 28, at 1:10 pm South African time. Online Conference.

: June 27 – 29 | 2023

Location: Online

Creating a better future for youth
International Planet Youth Conference on the Icelandic Prevention Model, in Rome
Addiction prevention 2022

Second International Congress held by our our partners in León, Guanajuato, Mexico. 

Planet Youth Annual Conference 2022

The Planet Youth Team, Partners and more.

Abu Dhabi
12-16 May 2022

Pall Rikhardsson, CEO and Patricia Ros Garcia, Planet Youth Director of Latin America and Spain will participate in the conference.

UN CND65 Side Event

Increasing social capital through protective factors of drug use initiation

Planet Youth – Mexico Guanajuato Congress

International Congress for the Prevention of Addictions

Planet Youth Online Conference 2021

The Core Elements Online

The 6th Planet Youth Conference

Prevention is possible – The Planet Youth Team and Partners

The 6th Planet Youth Conference

Prevention is Possible