The Team

We are a group of scientists in the field of social science
and business specialists with various and comprehensive backgrounds.

Pall Rikhardsson

Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Jon Sigfusson

Chairman of the Board

Margret Lilja Gudmundsdottir

Chief Knowledge Officer (CKO)

Erla Maria Tolgyes

Chief Project Officer (CPO)

Thorfinnur Skulason

Chief Communication Officer (CCO)

Ingibjorg Eva Thorisdottir

Chief Analytics and Advisory Officer (CAAO)

Steinunn Sigurjonsdottir

Data Analyst and Visualization Specialist

Nicolas Barreiro

Partner Relationship Manager

Patricia Ros Garcia

Regional Director of Spain & Latin-America

Robin Katrick

Regional Director North America

Francisco Gimeno Ruiz

Project Manager

Luisa Conejos

Senior Advisor for Spain and Latin America

Iryna Nerubaieva

Project Manager

Lara Kristjansdottir

Data Analyst and Visualization Specialist

German Jimenez Estrada

Regional Representative of Chile and Latin America


Kristina Sperkova

Planet Youth Ambassador

Seppo Ryosa

Planet Youth Ambassador

Evelyn Fyffe-Mathiesen

Planet Youth Ambassador

Leonardo Perdomo

Planet Youth Ambassador

Ricardo Amaral

Planet Youth Ambassador

Otger Amatller Gutierrez

Planet Youth Ambassador

Andres Borzutzky Hernandez

Planet Youth Ambassador


Harvey Milkman

Senior Advisor

Metropolitan State University of Denver

Reykjavik University

Alfgeir L. Kristjansson, PhD, MS

Senior Scientist

Associate Professor
West Virginia University

Gisli Arni Eggertsson

Municipality Prevention Specialist

Emanuel Adrian Sarbu

Regional Representative - Central-Europe

University of Bucharest

Megan Smith

Electronic Survey Specialist

Boise State University

Michael J. Mann

Community Intervention Specialist

Boise State University

Hakan Leifman

Prevention Capacitiy Assessment Specialist