The roots of the Planet Youth mehtod can be traced back to 1999 when our founders started to study trends in Icelandic substance use of youth and their well-being and a cooperation started with Icelandic municipalities to change their environment. Our aim from the start has been to find out how substance use prevention can be applied with the best results where traditional methods used in the past have come short.

The Planet Youth method

The Icelandic Prevention Model (IPM): Origins and Progression
dr. Harvey Milkman, Senior Policy Advisor for Planet Youth

Planet Youth as a Global Organization
dr. Pall Rikhardsson, CEO of Planet Youth 

Data Driven Primary Prevention
dr. Ingibjorg Eva Thorisdottir, Chief Analytics Officer of Planet Youth

Our guidebook

The Planet Youth guidebook will support our partners and community teams in implementing the Icelandic Prevention model in their region. A shorter version of the guide is publicly available for download.

Fact sheet

Download our Fact sheet in a PDF format to get a short overview of our operation and The Planet Youth Method.