Case Studies

The Icelandic approach has proved successful in other countries. As of 2022, we have partnered with hundreds of municipalities across the globe. Our partners are the best measure of the method.

Matías García Terán

Planet Youth Coordinator, San Fernando del Valle de Catamarca
“The main highlight of the process has been the vast access to a clear and proven work methodology and the exchange of experiences with other member countries that encourage creativity.”
“A big change I have noticed within my community is finally being able to make decisions based on evidence.”
“Within the team there is a subdivision into the four relevant areas (family, leisure, peers and school).
Each of those subareas is responsible for generating content and specific actions.
In addition, we have communication equipment and management.
In moments of survey taking, the whole team focuses on it.”
“Consider the economic, social and health costs involved in not generating public policies on prevention.”
“Allocating resources to prevention and improvement of living conditions is a guarantee of life in a healthy community.
I look forward to converting the form of management based on evidence and generating added value in the community in terms of access to quality of life.”
Amelia Headshot 1

Amelia Berry

Just Say Yes Project Director, Franklin County, Kentucky, United States of America

“The process has been one big highlight! It is difficult to imagine trying to implement the Icelandic Prevention Model without the hands-on support of the Planet Youth Guidance Program.”

“The team’s expertise, vast knowledge, accessibility and individualized attention given to our community has been invaluable to our prevention work.”

“We hear over and over, “everybody says their work is data-driven but this really is!” Stronger collaboration, greater coherence, the emergence of hope that our community can indeed prevent another “lost generation.”
Planet Youth is worth every penny and then a whole lot more on top of that.”

“Your community will be looking to you for expertise. You have expertise about your community, and Planet Youth has expertise about this model, which they will share skillfully and generously with you and your team so you build your own capacity in the model and its implementation.”

Emilija Gaidytė

Planet Youth Coordinator, Vilnius

“Being a part of Planet Youth is a chance to see the perspectives of consistent psychoactive substance use prevention.
Implementation of the program lets us not only to identify the problems, but also gives us support and tools in responding to it. It is vital not to feel alone in this journey, therefore cooperation with Planet Youth professionals is really valuable. Moreover, examples of other communities motivate us to strengthen our policy and create something new.”

“I am proud of representing evidence-based approach, that matches prevention quality standards.”

“The main change is that psychoactive substance use and efficient prevention policy became a topic of a discussion not only in political, but also community. We made a connection with different stakeholders (school communities, elderships, municipality, administration, ministries etc.) and started adapting mechanism of cooperation and communication. Moreover, implementation of Planet Youth made our organization the leaders initiating changes related to psychoactive substance use prevention in Vilnius municipality. The support of the Planet Youth team was many-sided: consultations related to surveys, communication, ways of working, planning; our coordinating group participated in post-survey training. Moreover, Planet Youth team members came to Vilnius and met our city mayor, health ministry representatives. Despite that, Planet Youth team supports emotionally helps to adopt this process

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The Planet Youth prevention model is aimed at improving the lives of young people. The model has proven easily transferable and can be applied in any community. We offer three ways to deliver this model to you.


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