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Drug prevention is possible

Preventing children and adolescents from the initiation of drug use 다운로드.

In developing our approach, we relied on global research findings, as well as our own local observations

about those individual and societal factors that contribute to the likelihood of adolescent substance use. 

The Icelandic model

From highest to lowest in substance use – 15/16 year old students
in Iceland using the Icelandic model. 

Planet Youth at the times of COVID

Since the first wave of COVID-19 ran over the world, efforts were made to adjust the Planet Youth school survey protocol to an online, at-home format 한나 2011 다운로드.

News coverage - global media

Prevention is possible

The 6th Planet Youth Conference has Come-to-a-close 윤디자인 대한체 다운로드. The Conference was held in Reykjavik Iceland from March 4th to March 6th 2020.


During the past 10 years more than 100 peer reviewed articles have been published by our scientists on various matters related to public health, prevention, youth and on the Icelandic model 다운로드.

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We provide step-by-step milestone guidelines for cities and local communities to minimize drug use among
children and adolescents 괜찮아 사랑이야. The model has proven easily transferable and can be applied in any community.

We offer three ways to deliver this model to you.