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We offer three ways to deliver the model to you

Three ways to get involved

The Planet Youth prevention model is aimed at improving the lives of young people.
The model has proven easily transferable and can be applied in any community.
We offer three ways to deliver this model to you.

On site lectures

On site lectures are for anyone who would like us to visit your community. The lectures also cover our research methods, provide insightful information but are usually shorter in duration than workshops.

Lectures are designed to introduce you to our methods and practices and at the same time, familiarize us with your community and potential needs. Prices are on application.


Workshops are lectures held over a number of days alongside a broader range of communities. The workshops cover our research methods and provide insightful information. They are run mainly in Iceland but will be available to other host countries. Sign up to our mailing list to be kept informed of new dates. 

Workshops are one of two gateways to our full guidance program. At the end of a workshop you can decide if you would like to partner with us to complete our guidance program which includes five years, with three data collection and analysis points.  


Guidance program

Our guidance program is intended for anyone who wishes to implement our model in their community. It is is five years in length and brings you the methods, support materials, data collection and analysis. The methods used are identical to the program we have successfully delivered in Iceland.

We begin our guidance program with a workshop or an on site lecture independent of the guidance program. These can be taken in advance of applying for the guidance program, or at the time of application. 

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