Prevention Capacity Assessment (PCA)

    The Planet Youth process is most successful when there is a community structure in place to support implementation. The Prevention Capacity Assessment (PCA) is a service offered to communities that supports the implementation of the Planet Youth Guidance Program. 
  • Why Prevention Capacity?
    Focusing on prevention capacity will support communities in building structures, including policies, resources, prevention activities, and steering groups, to help facilitate the long-term implementation of the Planet Youth Guidance Program.
  • How does the PCA Support Communities?
    The PCA supports a baseline understanding and monitoring of the prevention capacity in a community. The PCA gives guidance to each locality based on the community readiness and prevention indexes. Participating communities can expect ongoing dialogue throughout this process. 
  • The Prevention Index
    The components of the prevention index consist of the prevention structure (policy work, cooperation, and resources) and prevention activities (demand reduction and supply reduction). The prevention index measures if the community is on a low, average, or high level on the index compared to other regions communities.
  • The Readiness Index                                                                                                                                                                              The components of the readiness index include: Efforts and actions, knowledge, leadership, culture and climate, and resources. The readiness index shows the level of readiness for changes and gives guidance for how to improve.

•  What Will the Community Receive?

•  Index scores and positions on key indicators

•  Prevention profile

•  Benchmarking (comparisons with averages from other municipalities)

•  Specific guidance and recommendations for future actions

•  PDF report

•  Results workshop 

What are the Steps in the PCA Process?

  • Preparation: This step includes cultural adaption of the questionnaire, collection web addresses, designing introduction letters, and more.
  • Information Gathering: In this step, the online questionnaire will be completed and reminders sent out if needed.
  • Analysis and Results Review: This step includes the data analysis which takes approximately 6 weeks, reports are finalized, and a final workshop with the Planet Youth partner and community is carried out.