Who are we?

Planet Youth is a research consultancy that runs a guidance program in adolescent substance use prevention with communities, towns, and cities throughout the world.  Planet Youth works in primary substance use prevention through a collaborative approach titled the “The Icelandic Prevention Model”. 

Our partners are municipalities, towns, cities, regions, and even whole countries. The focus of the work is on holistic community building and long-term progress rather than standard short-term solutions.

Our location

The Planet Youth office is located at Lágmúli in the heart of the Reykjavik city area in Iceland. Our representatives are located in Spain, USA, Sweden, Finland, England, Germany, Chile, Brazil and Romania.

Get involved

The Planet Youth prevention model is aimed at improving the lives of young people. The model has proven
easily transferable and can be applied in any community. We offer three ways to deliver this model to you.