The 10 steps of implementation

The processes for the Planet Youth method

What are the 10 steps about?

Planet Youth is a 10-step process that guides communities annually or biennially through community capacity building, implementation, and reflection and repetition. These core 10 steps are heavily informed by the five guiding principles. Although there can be some variation in how individual communities implement each step, completing each step is essential to engaging community efforts to prevent substance use among young people.


Breakdown of steps

Steps 1 through 3 focus on building and maintaining community capacity for implementation of Planet youth. Steps 4 through 9 focus on implementing a process designed to focus community attention and to maximize community engagement in creating a social environment in which young people become progressively less likely to engage in substance use. Finally, Step 10 focuses on the iterative, repetitive, and long-term nature of Planet Youth and provides an opportunity to reflect on the process.