Workshop Agenda

Prevention is possible

Workshop based on the Icelandic Prevention Model

During these three days from 6th of March to the 8th of March, participants will get an in-depth knowledge about the Icelandic Evidence-Based Prevention Model from the specialists of ICSRA. At the workshop, participants will also get a chance to meet and have discussions with the people who work in the field of prevention in Iceland. These include the Youth Association, National sports association, the Directorate of health and the National parent’s associations. Related optional study visit included.

After the Workshop participants should have adequate information on the feasibility and next steps for implementation of the model in their communities.


Jon Sigfusson Workshop Host and operational director of ICSRA 

Day 1

6th of March​

Introduction to the model

Inga Dóra Sigfúsdóttir

Research Director ICSRA

6th of March


Primary prevention as a building block 

Step-by-step implementation process 

Álfgeir Logi Kristjánsson

Senior Specialist ICSRA

6th of March

(10:00-11:45) and (13-14:30)

The Tarragona experience

Patricia Ros Garcia

Regional Representative
Spain and Latin-America ICSRA

6th of March


Extended use of the Planet Youth Data


Emanuel Adrian Sarbu

Regional Representative 
Central-Europe ICSRA

6th of March


Day 2

7th of March

The Swedish Experience and Community readiness

Håkan Leifman

Special advisor

7th of March


The role of Municipalities in Prevention

Gisli Arni Eggertsson

Municipality prevention specialist

7th of March


The role of sports clubs

Margret Lilja Gudmundsdottir

Data Specialist ICSRA

7th of March


What makes the Planet Youth approach different?

An interventionist assessment.

Michael J. Mann

Community Intervention Specialist ICSRA

6th of March


Day 3

8th of March

How to get parents motivated?

Hrefna Sigurjonsdottir

Director of the Icelandic Parental association

8th of March


Success and development in prevention

Rafn Magnusson

Project manager in the Ministry of health

8th of March


School and sports interaction

Ragnheidur Skuladottir

Head of development and education at the National sports association

8th of March


Childrens participation in leisure activities

Gunnar Orn Arnarson

Head of youth activities at Valur sports club

8th of March


School Children in Reykjavik

Sigridur Arndis Johannsdottir

Project Manager of Prevention and Health promotion at Reykjavík municipality

8th of March


The together Group NGO

Þora Jonsdottir

Project manager of local projects – Save the children

8th of March


Day 4

9th of March

Study visit for participants. Healthy youth and the forces of nature.