January 16, 2019

Planet Youth Seminar in Stockholm
on February the 6th

Seminar on the Icelandic model will be held in Stockholm on the 6th of February 2019.

In Iceland, the use of alcohol and other drugs among young people has fallen very sharply over the past 20 years, from among the highest levels in Europe to among the lowest. This positive development has not come by itself but from a systematic preventive work. Now this preventative model – the Icelandic model (or Planet Youth) – is being spread to other countries both inside and outside Europe.

During a half-day seminar on February the 6th, a more detailed presentation of the model will be given. The seminar is free of charge and is arranged jointly by Planet Youth, the County Administrative Board in Stockholm, Stockholm city and ECAD. 


09.00-09.20 Introduction

Sofia Herlitz County Administrative Board Stockholm

Therese Holmkvist Stockholm City, Social Administration

Erik Leijonmarck, ECAD

09.20-09.50 About Planet Youth – how it started and what was done,

Jón Sigfússon, Planet Youth, ICSRA, Iceland (in English)

09.50-10.30 Theoretical starting points and scientific evidence

Inga-Dora Sigfúsdottir, Planet Youth, ICSRA, Iceland (in English)


10.45-11.30 About Planet Youth in Sweden – challenges and way forward

Håkan Leifman, Planet Youth ICSRA

11.30-12.00 Discussion, questions