October 5, 2022

Yucatan partners up with Planet Youth

The Governor of Yucatan Vila Dosal announced a partnership with Planet Youth to work on changing the environment of children in the state of Yucatan for the coming years. In the first phase the methodology will be implemented in the 14 municipalities that have the largest number of educational establishments and adolescent population, with 21.000 students in 179 secondary schools.

Vila Dosal, Governor of Yucatan, stressed that a cooperation of many stakeholders in society was necessary: “The Planet Youth strategy will be built hand in hand with adolescents, mothers and fathers, teachers and society in general in order to prevent bad practices, such as alcohol consumption and the abuse of substances harmful to health.”

Vila Dosal was accompanied with representatives from Planet Youth, Jon Sigfusson chairman and Patricia Ros Garcia, the director of Planet Youth for Spain and Latin America. In her talk Patricia Ros pointed out that traditional methods to combat drug addiction do not work and a paradigm shift is needed. She said that we should always bear in mind that it is more social circumstances that causes addictions, rather than individual decisions. That’s the reason we must re-focus all our prevention efforts.

Jon Sigfusson, chairman of Planet Youth, said that “We must work together to build coalitions that can help us to change the circumstances of children for the future. It is not about teaching children, but about changing the environment.” Jon praised the foresight of Governor Vila Dosal and said: “We are very proud that Yucatan has chosen Planet Youth as a platform, and they will have our full support to implement their work in years to come.”

The director of the State Center for Crime Prevention and Citizen participation, Joana Noemí Briceño Ascencio, highlighted that changes in public policies were expected. The Planet Youth model uses the schools as a central axis, with decisions based on the outcomes of school surveys in different municipalities. Aiming to increase the time spent of children and adolescents with their families, postponing the onset of consumption until at least 18 years of age. Building opportunities for leisure time activities and sport, giving youth the opportunity of a meaningful life and growth.

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