October 5, 2018

Members from the Chilean government received PlanetYouth experts earlier this week and want to adopt the prevention model

The Chilean government plans to implement the PlanetYouth drug prevention model in various cities and municipalities in Chile during the course of next years r 패키지 전체. Three experts from PlanetYouth (ICSRA) met with the Chilean minister of interior and the minister of health earlier this week to discuss the plans and to study the methodology and the experience of the implementation in various places around the world. 

„This is a great honor for the Icelandic Center of Research and Analysis (ICSRA) 다운로드. We have been developing this methodology from the year 1998. First implementing it in Iceland with good results but over the past two years we have been delivering the model in greater extent to other parts of the world 네이버 메일 대용량 파일.

Planet Youth has been well received here in Chile and it is great to see how focused the Chilean government is to carry out the plan 다운로드. “

Said Jon Sigfusson, director of ICSRA.

The minister of interior commented on the Planet Youth drug prevention plan in a news alert on the Cabinet of interior website last Wednesday:

„This is an extraordinarily important issue that requires resources and an implementation to execute in a proper and responsible manner 디아블로1 벨제붑 다운로드. This will not be done overnight and requires a medium and long-term work so we want to start with a pilot plan.“

“Es un tema extraordinariamente importante que requiere recursos y una implementación para hacerlo de buena manera y responsable 다운로드. Esto no va a ser de la noche a la mañana, requiere de un trabajo de mediano y de largo plazo que queremos partir con un plan piloto”

The Planet Youth programme has already started in Chile in the municipalities of Renca, Colina, Las Condes, Lo Barnechea, Punta Arenas and Melipilla, but the plan is to extend it also to 15 or 20 municipalities with the sponsorship of La Moneda 다운로드.


Coverage of the Chilean media and government on the Planet Youth programme:

Carlos Ibañez (Coordinator for Planet Youth in Chile), Alfgeir Logi Kristjansson, Patricia Ros, and Magaly Jacob frá SENDA, on a municipal meeting in Colina
Emilio Santelices, minister of health, Carolina Goic, senator, Humberto Soriano, PDTE 물랑루즈 다운로드. Sociedad Chilena De Pediatria and other Chilean officials on a meeting with Planet Youth experts
Jon Sigfusson and Alfgeir Logi Kristjansson from ICSRA, Planet Youth, to the right
In-between meeetings