The science of routine

Webinar on the 8th of March on Zoom, 15:00-16:30 (GMT)

The time spent with family is a crucial protective or risk factor for the way a child’s life will develop. Parents’ attention, understanding, patience and feedback to the child contribute to children’s well being and harmony. While warm emotions, playing, and joint activities come naturally as something that parents imagine their child needs, family routines are equally important for creating safe and predictable environment that help the child to be confident, live healthier, be less anxious, get better and longer sleep and perform better academically.

Planet Youth has been for years working with communities and parents’ active involvement in children’s well being through evidence informed action. This webinar will talk about the science of routines and present a concrete example of how data from Planet Youth can inform effective action for a given community and empowerment of parents.


  1. UNODC on Listen First
    Speaker: Elizabeth Mattfeld, project coordinator UNODC, Prevention, Treatment and Rehabilitation Unit
  2. Planet Youth on how they work with data and how they deliver the data to parents so they can engage in prevention work.
    Speaker: Emmet Major, Planet Youth Coordinator, WRDATF – Galway, Mayo, Roscommon
  3. Movendi Int about the role of parents and the myths there are about their role in prevention
    Speaker: Kristina Sperkova, President Movendi Internationl
  4. QA – 20 minutes

Spanish translation will be available.