Data Center

The DPCC (Data processing and coordination center) collects
all data which is then analysed, processed and distributed

Our work processes

In our Data Center we process the results of the questionnaires. Beginning with the data capturing part and over to data processing and analysis. Here we interpret the reports and identify risk and protective factors. We create data visualization and provide the practitioners and policy makers with a practical tool to use for children’s well-being. This is all done within a two month’s time span so every municipality has relevant and fresh local information to work with. 

Example of our results

The growing use of electronic cigarettes amongst young people is a current topic which we have sought to highlight in our questionnaires.
We compare the usage to various other factors which can help to reduced the consumption. Below is a result from one of our 2018 questionnaires.

The use of electronic cigarettes in 10th grade

Survey from 2018 in Iceland


During the past 10 years more then 100 peer reviewed articles have
been published about the Icelandic prevention
model’s approach.

Our method

We developed an evidence-based approach to adolescent substance use prevention that involved a broad range of relevant stake holders who worked together on this community-based approach.