The guidance program

For those interested in adopting the Icelandic prevention model we offer a guidance program which takes place 

over the course of five years, with three data collection and analysis points. 

Partner and
Community Role

  • Agree to sign on to a 5-year service agreement and implement the Planet Youth Survey on a biennial basis
  • Commit to the Planet Youth process for the duration of the service agreement and uphold project fidelity
  • Collaborate with Planet Youth which includes attending regular project management meetings
  • Use the data findings to support community-based goals and strategies
  • Support community-based efforts and work with Planet Youth to create localized plans
  • Complete a minimum of quarterly process follow-up assessments for each participating community
  • Establish and coordinate the local teams, leadership structure and responsibilities before data collection. Ensure that all local team members understand the Planet Youth process
  • Commit to training a selected number of stakeholders in the Planet Youth approach, data collection procedures, and community implementation

Planet Youth Role and
Tools Provided

  • Workshops
  • Core questionnaires and timely data analysis (6-8 weeks)
  • Reports on the local situation (school and community) and status of risk and protective factors
  • Project management support and designated Planet Youth contact(s) to support sites through the process
  • Community advisement throughout the 10-step process
  • PY community access
  • Resource library access with supportive community materials
  • Guidebook
  • Guidance for community work and interventions
  • Tools for progress tracking

How to Apply to Participate in the Planet Youth Guidance Program

  • Determine who the formal partner with Planet Youth will be (this is often a regional (such as a state or province) or national organization)
  • Develop an understanding of the Planet Youth process by reading the website information, information guide, and research articles
  • Determine the number of school-communities that will participate and have the capacity to take on the work
  • Apply to participate in the Planet Youth Guidance Program

Once you have completed those items, please fill out the application to estimate the size of your project and your needs. Sending in an application is not a binding agreement. Sending in an application helps us begin a dialogue about your project and needs.

Application Itself

  • Formal Partner Institution Name
  • Type of Institution
  • # of employees total
  • # of employees designated to support this project
  • Name of main contact person supporting this project
  • Role of main contact person supporting this project
  • Email of main contact person supporting this project
  • Address
  • City
  • Zip code, postal code, country
  • Budget to participate in this project
  • Funding source
  • # of municipalities
  • Number of youths aged 15-16 in the municipalities
  • Any additional information we should know

Be in contact with Planet Youth and fill out the application form to estimate the size of your project and your needs. Our pricing is based on various factors like the number of communities and the number of participating students, your need for community readiness assessment and more.

Sending in an application is not a binding agreement it is a formalized beginning of our dialogue to estimate needs and projects size.


During the past 10 years more than 100 peer reviewed articles have been published about the Icelandic prevention model’s approach. Learn more about our white papers, publications, statistics and a list of relevant articles.

Contact us

Planet Youth is located in the center of Reykjavik at Lagmuli 6. Our team and ambassadors are located in Iceland, Spain, Sweden, USA, Romania, Finland, UK, Germany and Brazil.