The guidance program

For those interested in adopting the Icelandic prevention model we offer a guidance program which takes place 

over the course of five years, with three data collection and analysis points. 

Tools provided

  • On site workshops where theory, methodology and practical issues are revealed
  • Core questionnaires, ready for print/translation for the three data collections,
    year one, three and five (bi-annually)
  • Detailed information on sampling and data collection (co-ordination)
  • Data entry modules for scanning
  • Data processing at our DPC centre
  • Reports on local situation, status and risk/protective factors
  • Follow up presentations after each data collectio

Workprocesses for Planet Youth


  • Local training on methodology and coordination
  • Joint questionnaire preparation
  • Coordinated questionnaire layout in all languages
  • Guidelines for school approach
  • Guidelines for questionnaire printing
  • Optical data capturing
  • Verifying of data / Quality control
  • Data cleaning /Data processing
  • Delivery of full report / descriptive
  • Delivery of data-set
  • Community diagnosis and recommendations for improvements
  • Initial recommendations for community work and interventions


  • Appointing of contact person
  • Appointing of local work team
  • Translation of questionnaire / Back translation
  • Drawing of a sample (where needed)
  • School contact and preparation of questionnaire implementation
  • Printing of questionnaire and confidentialy envelopes
  • Delivery of questionnaires to schools
  • Scanning of questionnaires to PDF/TIFF
  • Delivery of files to cloud
  • Technical report

Estimating the size of the project?

Be in contact with ICSRA and fill out the application form to estimate the size of your project and your needs.
Our pricing is based on various factors like the number of communities and the number of participating students,
your need for community readiness assessment and more.

Sending in an application is not a binding agreement it is a
formalized beginning of our dialogue to estimate needs and projects size.


During the past 10 years more than 100 peer reviewed articles have been published about the Icelandic prevention model’s approach. Learn more about our white papers, publications, statistics and a list of relevant articles.

Contact us

Planet Youth is developed by ICSRA and is located at Reykjavik Univeristy (RU), a vibrant international university with 500 faculty members and around 3,000 students.