Planet Youth Conference

March 4-6 2020

Save the date for the next Planet Youth conference in Reykjavik, Iceland

Our next Conference will be held on the 4th to 6th of March 2020. More information on the schedule, registration and practicalities will be provided at a later date. Participants will be provided with an extensive overview of the Planet Youth methodology introduced by the employees of ICSRA . At the end of the Conference participants should have a good understanding of the basic elements of the Planet Youth method and be able to estimate the feasibility of adopting the model in their own community.

Fill in the form below if you like us to reserve seats for the Conference and let you know when the registration opens. The Conference fee will be 690 EUR pr. individual, same as last year. Lunch and refreshments are included in the Conference fee.

Guests are responsible for making their own arrangements, flight and accommodations, but we are happy to answer any questions you might have (

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Evidence based prevention model

The Icelandic model is an evidence based prevention method developed by The Icelandic Center for Social Research & Analysis (ICSRA). The method is composed of four steps extending from research to action on a local level and has been applied in the majority of municipalities in Iceland since 1998. The result have been noticeable, showing steady decrease in the use of substances amongst Icelandic adolescents, currently measuring amongst the lowest in Europe. Substance use amongst Icelandic adolescents was the highest in Europe in 1998. This year, Iceland ranks amongst the lowest.