Alkohol der Globale Rausch
Planet Youth featured in a documentary

The German documentary filmmaker Andreas Pichler visited ICSRA in 2018 to interview Inga Dora Sigfusdottir, founder of ICSRA, for the documentary on Alcohol and the alcohol industry „Alkohol der Globale Rausch“. The film has been aired on TV stations all over the world, for example on ARD and Arte.

In the film Andreas talks to various contacts in Iceland on the result that Iceland has had over the last 20 years in prevention. Where the ICSRA school surveys have been the guiding light for change throughout the years. In these surveys young people are asked about substance use behavior, their well-being and risk and protective factors which has then led to changes being made in their environment which has as a result brought about changes in consumption.

For those who are interested in the film and have not access to it on TV it can be rented or bought through Vimeo.