Youth in Europe

Our program has been in continuous implementation in Iceland since 1998. It
has led to the lowest prevalence of drug use among 15-16 year old in all of Europe.

European countries join the program

In the year 2006, several European communities initiated the development of their prevention work based on the model and we launched the Youth in Europe programme. A system designed for cities and local communities that are dedicated in their work to minimize drugs use among children and adolescents.

The programme was supported from the outset by ECAD (European Cities Against Drugs) and The City of Reykjavík, who served as the chair and provided management for the programme, while research was conducted by the Icelandic Centre for Social Research and Analysis (ICSRA). In 2015 the programme received an ERASMUS+ support grant and a grant from the Vestnordisk hovedstadsfond to start the programme in 10 new municipalities across Europe. 

Other continents join

In the last three years the word has spread on good results and the practical value of the method. As a result we have broaden our reach and Youth in Europe became Planet Youth. The method has now been brought into action in more than 50 cities in over 20 countries over the world.