April 12, 2023

Planet Youth Conference 2024: The Icelandic Prevention Model in Action

The Planet Youth Conference 2024 concluded with great success, leaving a positive impact on attendees and observers alike. Hosted in the small city of Reykjavik, the conference served as an inspiring platform for social leaders, municipality representatives, and innovators from across the globe to converge, collaborate, and carve out a path towards a better environment for children and youth.

Throughout the conference, participants engaged in constructive discussions, and interaction focused on a diverse array of topics spanning exploration of the core of the Planet Youth method, discovering what Planet Youth partners had to share in the global transfer of knowledge session and finishing off on the Icelandic insights into the prevention model, with lectures from Icelandic practitioners. The last day ended on study visits where the knowledge of the Planet Youth method would materialize in the leisure centers around Reykjavik.


Keynote speakers, including renowned best-selling authors, policymakers, and practitioners, inspired attendees with their insights and perspectives on the urgent need for collective action to address the pressing global need of substance use prevention. Emphasizing the importance of building prevention work on data and encouraging collaboration among different stakeholders, speakers highlighted the benefits of trying to shape the environment of youth in a positive way, diminishing the risk factors in their lives and promoting the protective factors.

As the conference drew to a close, participants emerged with a renewed sense of purpose and commitment to making a positive change in their communities and beyond. The Planet Youth Conference 2024 not only served as a catalyst for inspiration and collaboration but also as a testament to the power of prevention work for youth. As delegates return to their homes and communities, they carry with them the momentum and passion fueled by the conference, and the hope of a brighter tomorrow.