Nov 8, 2023

The third Conference on Prevention held in Guanajuato

The Planet Youth team will be taking part in the 3rd prevention Conference held in Guanajuato Mexico: „Prevención de adicciones“. The Conference will be held from the 29th of November and ends on the 1st of December, which has been made an official Prevention Day in Guanajuato. Lectures will take place in the grand Conferencia Magistral Conference hall and in the historical Teatro Juarez in Guanajuato City Center.

Speakers come from all over the world from Mexico, Iceland, Ireland, Spain, Romania, Sweden,  Colombia, Canada, and the US and all will share their unique perspectives on the topic of prevention. Registration for the Conference has been opened,, and a detailed agenda for the three days can be found here: Congreso 2023 – Planet Youth (